Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing is very popular among anglers for many reasons. People of all sizes and people of all ages can take part in crappie fishing. Crappie do not put up as much of a fight as fish like bass or carp so they can be handled a lot easier by the smaller adults or children. In addition little equipment is needed for crappie fishing; it can be done with a simple light pole. Crappie fishing is an excellent way for young anglers to learn how to fish. Crappie are also found just about everywhere in the United States, in lakes, streams and rivers. Crappie are also available in most seasons. Another reason crappie are so popular is because they taste good!

Crappie are fish that school generally around woody and vegetated shorelines or around structures during the warmer temperatures. Crappie only go to deeper waters when the weather turns cold. They are smallish fish with an average length of approximately 10 inches and they usually weigh less than a pound. There are two varieties of crappie, black crappie and white crappie.

Here are a few quick Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie Tackle

Crappie is not known for fighting, they are more well-known for being available in large numbers, so heavy tackle is not needed and light tackle is best. You do not need to get special tackles for crappie, an old cane pole can be used or a high-tech rod and reel. The only thing you really need to consider is the type of water where you will be fishing.

Crappie Lures

he good news with crappie lures is that small and cheap is best. You will want to use a crappie lure that imitates the favourite food of the fish, that would be minnows or worms and insects. Crappie also have good colour vision so some anglers like to use brightly coloured lures. Commonly used lures for crappie are Frenzy crankbaits, Berkely Power worms and Power Tubes.

Crappie Jigs

Crappie jigs and crappie lures are popular artificial aids when fishing for crappie. Crappie jigs come with bodies from a very diverse range of materials such as rubber, hair, floss, tinsel and just about everything else. It is important for crappie that jigs should be small, and ones tipped with small minnow seem to work the best.

Crappie Tubes

Crappie fishing has been made a lot easier by the introduction of crappie tubes. They can easily replace minnow as bait for a number of reasons. The first reason is that there are a lot easier to use. Crappie tubes also tend to stay still if they dropped! They are also a lot easier to keep alive than the minnow on a hot day. Crappie tubes are also a lot more durable, a single crappie tube can catch a number of fish. They are also very versatile.