White Crappie

Pomoxis annularis is the scientific name of white crappie. It has dark vertical bands around the round body and has silvery color. There are silvery green and dark green on the back. The white crappie is also known as White Perch, Sac-a-lait. It has 5 to 6 doral spine fins. During spawning season, it develops dark discoloration in its throat.

White crappie are nest builders like other members of the sunfish family, they are the same as bluegills wherein they are incline to nest large beds. They have fertile reproductive which results to overpopulation and they like stunt flying in lakes. They nest in spring time, when water temperatures are warmer. Generally, white crappie can grow 3 to 5 inches in length the first year, and reach 7 to 8 inches during the second year. It can reach up two to three years. They feed on small fish, minnows, shad, crayfish, molluscs and insects. and insects.

Night fishing is a great way to crappie adling. When its warmer, crappie is easily to catch. They are cold blooded and in constant search to regulate their body temperature. Underwater lighting is available in the market and are used mainly by shoreline. When buying for a quality underwater fishing light, look for these properties. It should be high intensity, can emit its light color similar to the fish's space (blue or green), must be powered by a portable electrical power supply, and be submersible. It will attract the white crappie and can charm larger fish. The key in night fishing is the light.

Knowledgeable fishermen will give you some tips and techniques like night fishing is the best way to catch crappie, since the water is calm and cooler. They will suggest what bait or lures should you use. Anglers add the lure under a bobber. Just cast the lure then twitch the tip of your pole, but don't take it back immediately.

When catching white crappie, remember to wear good shoes, take along a unblock, used polarized glasses and don't wear clothes that will attract insects. Many fishermen depend on the shallow water of spawning crappie for good fishing, crappie will always be found all year long so enjoy fishing!