Crappie Articles

Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing is very popular among anglers for many reasons. People of all sizes and people of all ages can take part in crappie fishing. Crappie do not put up as much of a fight as fish like bass or carp so they can be... read more

Crappie Lures

The best crappie lure is the one that catches the most fish! Many fishermen find a crappie lure that works for them in one area and then stick with that lure every time. But crappie move around because they like to vary their more

Crappie Tubes

Crappie fishing has been made a lot easier since the introduction of crappie tubes. They have become a standard part of crappie fishing equipment. For a lot of anglers crappie tubes have replaces minnows as the crappie more

Crappie Tackle

One of the most common concerns for anglers is “What is the best fishing tackle or fishing equipment for catching my favourite fish” Fortunately for anglers trying to catch crappy the answers are quite easy. Crappies are easily pleased more

Crappie Jigs

The most popular aid for crappie fishing are crappie jigs. They range from crappie tubes – simple plastic jig through to elaborate hand tied crappie hair jigs. Jig fishing for crappie means using freshwater more