Crappie Tubes

Crappie fishing has been made a lot easier since the introduction of crappie tubes. They have become a standard part of crappie fishing equipment. For a lot of anglers crappie tubes have replaces minnows as the crappie fishing baits of choice. Some of the reasons for this are:

Of course the best reason to use crappie tubes as part of your crappie fishing equipment is that they catch a lot of fish! Crappie are known to be notoriously fickle, one day they will hit just about anything (including fingers!) and the next they won’t even look at the most tempting minnow. This means that the main skill an angler needs to develop is finding out what will attract the fish that day and in that place. This is an occasion when crappie tubes really help – it is a lot easier to vary your crappie fishing baits if you are suing tubes then if you have a bucket of minnows!

When using crappie tubes there are some colour guidelines: