Crappie Tackle

One of the most common concerns for anglers is “What is the best fishing tackle or fishing equipment for catching my favourite fish” Fortunately for anglers trying to catch crappy the answers are quite easy. Crappies are easily pleased fish, and can be caught with a minimum of fishing equipment. Crappies are also relatively small and are not known to be hard fighters so keep your crappie tackle on the light side. There is no bad combination of rod, reel and pole for catching crappie, the main consideration you will have is the type of water you are fishing in. For shallow water, or water where snags are more likely a pole is probably the best. For deeper water an ultralight spinning or spincast combo is good especially spooled with light line (four to ten pound).

An important component of your crappie tackle will be floats or bobbers. These items add weight so that you can accurately cast the tiny lures that are best for crappie. They also suspend the crappie baits at the right depth, and as crappies are notoriously soft hitters they are invaluable in providing a visual indication that you have a hit. There are several varieties that you can use.

It is also good to keep plenty of extra line in a crappie fishing tackle box. Many other species of fish will take crappie baits, and some of them may be too heavy or fight too hard for your line. There is nothing more frustrating when having a good day then to have to pack in and go home early because a big fish has broken your line and you don’t have any spare!

Another great item of crappie tackle is a variety of crappie jigs, have several styles, colours and weights – but keep them below ¼ ounce – preferable below 1/8 ounce. You will eventually find the jigs that work the best for you and your crappie fishing.

As you gain in experience and confidence you will want to invest in a good piece of fishing equipment – the tackle box. There are many variety is available depending on your needs and price range. Which one you choose depends mostly on the amount of crappie tackle you want to carry with you. If you fish in a wide variety of places then you will want a larger selection of fishing tackle available to you. If you tend to fish in just one or two well known spots then you can probably narrow down your selections.

If you really want to exercise your crappie tackle and freshwater tackle then one of the best crappie fishing lakes is Kentucky Lake, according to people who give great tips on crappie fishing. This lake has lots of crappie, and consistently gives trophy sized crappy. It is easy to catch your limit there.