Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie is known for its delicious meat when cooked. Crappies are very scrumptious why it is the most sought fish to catch in the United States. Another thing is crappie can be caught every season. So how to catch crappy?

Map where will you go fishing. Find where the fish located. Most anglers begin from the shoreline. Crappie are oft found underneath piers. If you are in a boat, drop your line from away the dense area, so you will not disturb the crappies. Try to fish in covered place. Crappie likes to stay at piers, logs, brush, piles, and underwater drops. Don't fish underneath as a general rule.

When it comes to fishing tools, lighter is better. Use a lightweight rod or cane pole such as Zebco 202 or 404. Lightweight line weighing 4 to 8 lbs test mono-filament is better to use in any condition. Use no.2 Eagle claw hooks. It has gold wire hooks that are effective for Crappie fishing.

Spring and fall is the best season to catch them. The easiest time to catch a crappie is during the early morning and in the late afternoon. Their eyes are sensitive to light that's why you can catch them easily with the help of flying insects around. The bobber and jig are the best approach during spring and fall. Crappie move closer and closer in an overcast especially weeds. Setup the pole first, place your jig on the line. then bobber can be placed anywhere above the jig. There are various color, type, and size of the jig can be changed to fit your present condition. Experimenting with it and finding what's best for you.

Sonar and GPS units are now available and are being used by professional fishermen. They are good at tracking channel patterns to catch the most crappie. They have the capacity to locate slopes where crappie fish spends their time in channel bends. If you don't have sonar or GPS, insects, leaves or sticks moving are signs that Crappies are around.

Fishing is a fun activity for beginners and professionals. Just make sure to locate the best place, perfect bait and approach to easily catch this tasteful Crappie fish.